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Iron Sheepdog is a digital platform that will fundamentally change the way material moves and pay dirt is distributed. Literally.


Short haul trucking today is fraught with inefficiency. With so many operators, brokers, and companies – each with their own tracking and accounting systems – getting the job done can be manual and complicated…until now. Iron Sheepdog links brokers and companies to operators and jobs with all the tools to help move more.

Guard the fleet.

Iron Sheepdog helps guard the fleet and protect your assets. The platform features dispatch services with an app-based system that helps customers set up jobs, track operators on the job, manage time, provide e-ticketing, review and approve time/loads, and invoice from any phone, tablet or desktop computer.


Putting Iron Sheepdog to work for you means that you can more efficiently manage your time, your resources, and your workload. Whether you're managing the job, managing the fleet, or driving a truck, Iron Sheepdog is your loyal companion, with a solution that offers more efficiency and less hassle.



Our cloud-based technology connects customers to our national network of brokers, so they can focus on getting the job done.

Our GPS-based app handles every aspect of operator notification and load specs. We automate ticketing, invoicing and payment.

We provide real-time access to data, including load verification and client feedback.

Our technology solution will safeguard your business with trackability and access to results in real time.


Iron Sheepdog

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"I want to maximize income with reliable jobs and easy payment options."


"I want to manage

my drivers without

manual tracking and my phone ringing all



"I want to manage

my jobs in the most efficient way, without the hassle of different accounting systems and payment terms."

Iron Sheepdog is an integrated, app-based mobile platform that helps operators, brokers, and companies be more efficient.

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